If you are a professional web developer or designer, then making your life simpler with Google Chrome browser is the agenda of this article.

Here a list of google chrome extensions to help the development and improve productivity. The plugins and extensions mentioned below are free of cost and easy to install.

These extensions will definitely serve you better results and are used by the best developers of this world.

1. Use ColorZilla for specific colors:

Use ColorZilla

ColorZilla extension gives you access to the colors for the use of any page. You can choose the color and optimize it as per the requirement of the design. The ColorZillla allows you to get any pixel color on your page, helps in locating corresponding elements, auto copies the sample colors, picking of colors at some level and much more.

This is a perfect add-on for your designing as giving you correct depth of colors in all situations.

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2. Let your Desktop feel fresh with Flicker:


Flicker Tab is the best way to make your desktop feel fresh whenever you open up any new tab. It displays a new picture every time you click on the new tab of the browser.

Flicker is the best way to change your black and white browsers into colored. Also, if you like any photo, click on that pic it will take to the uploader where you can see many pictures.

3. Measure the pages using Page Ruler:


Confused with the size of any page, then solve your confusion using Page Ruler. It is an extension which helps in measuring the width, position, and height of any page with easy resizing features. It is beneficial for both Designers and Developers as it gives exact dimensions of the pages.

4. CSS Shack a style guide:

CSS Shack

Cascading Style Sheet Shack is a tool which helps in creating layer styles and can be used for experimentation of web designs by exporting them into the single CSS file.

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Based on your creativity and imagination you can create and maintain the style guide for your website.

5. Ghostery for protecting your privacy:


Ghostery is a privacy protection add-on which detects web bugs, pixels, embedded snippet and others. One can see the hidden privacy policies of all companies and allows you to block images, scripts, and other framed documents.

Ghostery is engineered with privacy which requires no signups and saves you from browser cookies. It creates a better transparent advertising ecosystem by blocking the sites you don’t trust.

6. Speed Tracer to test performance:


It helps in tracing the problems related to Speed and also fixes the problems which are hampering the website performance. According to low-level instrumentation, the tracer visualizes the metrics and analyze them with the application. This tracer identifies the problems of the JavaScript, Layouts, selector matching, Timer fires etc.

7. iMacros can save your time:


If you are a developer then iMacros is the best add-on for saving time testing. By repeating the same actions for a number of times is very exhausting so, this chrome extension records the actions and saves them whenever you want to reuse. Just with a single click, you can test the pages as many times you want.

8. Resolution Test:


This extension of chrome aids the developers to check and edit the web page screen resolutions. The resolution test helps in changing the size of your browser window so that you can view their website in various resolutions. It allows the users to have the custom resolution.

9. Session Manager for browsing:


The browsing tab management requires skills and session manager is the best solution for this. It aids you in saving the state of browsing and for the next time, you can re-open it. One can easily organize the topics using the keyword search option.

10. Instant Wireframe to view web pages:


Now with this extension, it requires just a simple click to change any web page. The web developers can visit any web page whether it is local or live on the web, and they can easily move with a wireframe overlay.